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We bring together our passion, knowledge, and network of connections in the agriculture and forestry industries to move the needle forward in sustainability projects.

Our Shared Vision

We are dedicated to finding resources that make the world a better place.

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Help Fund a Better Tomorrow

Make sustainability projects that help reduce carbon footprints possible.

Initiatives we care about

Habitat reclamation

Restoring natural landscapes so native plants and pollinators can thrive.

Renewable Energy

Creating opportunities to harness efficient and renewable energy for our communities.

Regenerative Agriculture

Farming and grazing practices that reduce carbon emissions.

Tree Planting

Planting trees for healthier urban, suburban, and rural communities.


Advancing practices that increase soil carbon for wide-reaching benefits.


Finding ways to protect and restore the integrity of our water resources.

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What Our Team Says

Sustainable practices and regenerative agriculture are the future.

John Harsch , Director

Using mitigation methods like improving the tree canopy and carbon sequestration to combat climate change and champion conservation is a great challenge and opportunity, to which the foundation is devoted.

Robert Riley, Jr. , Director

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